Storage systems

Al-Omran Metal Forming Factory provides the latest storage systems, by adopting many new high-efficiency storage systems, which enable them to overcome all storage challenges, including: a system that stores first, is what comes out first (FIFO), and a system Store first, exit last (FILO).

So whatever type and size of mechanical equipment you are currently using or planning to use, storage systems can adapt to many loading and unloading systems.

Main features:

Superior quality: durability is one of the most important requirements of storage systems, and this durability is a natural result of manufacturing the product with the latest international production lines.

Flexibility: We can design solutions to meet all storage requirements within your warehouse.

Modification capability: All storage systems provided, can be completely modified to suit changing storage requirements.

In order to find storage solutions that meet the specific needs of the customer accurately, a team of technicians will raise the sizes of the warehouse and the items to be stored, in order to assess the required space, and to clarify some inquiries regarding knowledge of current and future operational needs.