Desert air conditioning

Al-Omran Metal Forming Factory produces the best desert conditioners that are widely used in factories, workshops, public places, industrial production sites, warehouses, poultry farms and other places

Desert air conditioners use water as a coolant, rather than freon. The "direct evaporation" cooling technology brings air with moisture, and water absorbs heat during the evaporation process. This process is also described as the constant value of enthalpy, adsorption of moisture and heat in the atmosphere reduces the temperature of the general atmosphere (also known as dry bulb temperature).

The method of work :

When fresh air flows through the air conditioner via the main components (corrugated fiber multi-layer evaporation network, evaporative cooling plate), it causes heat exchange and dust filtering in the air, as the air temperature decreases almost along a fixed heat line. Then the air temperature drops near the temperature of the wet bulb in the air.